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PROF AL Architectural Studio

PROF AL ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO is a team of 10 employees, including architects, designers, engineers and other specialists. Our team leaders are Anna Janoyan as a chief architect and Artak Mkhitaryan as a chief engineer. Our history goes back to 2002, when Hayk Vardanyan and his colleagues Ara Amyan and Hayk Mirzoyan founded the studio. Thanks to numerous projects, in a short time, the new workshop managed to become the leader of the industry. Our portfolio includes projects like administrative and production buildings of «Prof Al» company, the new Prof Al showroom, the stores such as «Chronograph» in Yerevan and Tbilisi, «Ceramica», «U!Com» Amiryan, Yerevan Mall brenches, «VM Ware» IT office, private houses, apartments etc..