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One of PROF AL’s major achievements is glass processing workshop, where specialists work on 6-19mm thick colorless, colored, mirror varieties of glass, as well as mirrors. We also decorate, coat and mirror the glass, using decorative and protective films imported from French company REFLECTIV. For the last 30 years "Reflectiv" has been manufacturing top quality adhesive films made of PVC and polyester. Thanks to the wide range of products offered by "Reflectiv", the company quickly took the leading position in the European market. Thanks to the great quality of "Reflectiv" products the company maintains its leadership position in Europe. "Reflectiv" offers one of the most complete and diverse range of films in the world. Company always uses cutting-edge manufacturing and printing technologies, continuously broaden the range of products and periodically launch new films. «Reflectiv» always seek to extend its offer by adding new design motifs, improving the quality of their sun control films, and offering a wider range of colours available.