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«Makedonikipanidis» company, with continuous presence in the aluminium sector since 1974, has developed and produces the pioneering aluminium railing systems «Mak-system», in a great variety of models, with advanced design and easy technical applications. They can be placed in balconies, staircases, fences, gates (opening or sliding) etc.The fully modernized vertical process of production, the continuous investments in installations, equipment and modern furnaces for electrostatic painting as well as the specialized and well trained personnel in combination with the use of first class raw materials and strict product quality control certifiedby ISO 9001 have established «Mak-system» as one of the most advanced and reliable industrial unites in the production of aluminium railing systems and aluminium accessories such as tilt and turn mechanisms, pivoting handles, mechanical securing mechanisms, large hinges for shutters, higes of various types etc.