Interior design

Each of us tends to have a beautiful, stylish and comfortable house, but the choice of decorations and the design of the house are quite time-consuming processes. The main responsibility of the designer is to come up with an interior design, which is not only esthetically beautiful, but also be remarkable for its functionality. The designer's job is a complex work: careful choice of colors, furniture and accessories, lighting etc.


Both in architectural and interior design it is very important to comply with clients’ ideas and preferences, nonetheless, our designers’ team does the best possible to have the desirable results even if sometimes it seems an impossible mission.


The task of our designers working on interior design project includes all finishing works (floor coverings, the colors of the walls, the placement of doors, windows and furniture, lighting plan, arrangement of electrical devices, etc.) emphasizing one particular or matching multiple  design styles.


Today, the most common interior design styles are: «Empire», «English», «Antique», «Art deco», «Art nouveau», «Baroque», «Vintage», «Gothic», «Country», «Classic», «Constructivism», «Minimalism», «Renaissance», «Rococo», «Romance», «Ethnic», «High-tech», «Romantic», «Modernism» and etc.