The foundation of any building is correctly done project. Each clearly made architectural project essential to its continuous operating instructions of building. Today, the architectural designs offer not only the appearance of the future building, but also in terms of functionality and attractiveness of interior trim. In the construction building design suggests a set of works: from the general concept of the building, to ready design of manufacturing operations. The result of architectural projects are processed documents and construction drawings, which later become the basic of the construction work. All of the engineered buildings are divided into three stages:

The first stage - the creation of conceptual design. Draft project is addressing types of sketch, the general design of the building, floors separateing and etc. In the sketch, carefully described the division of property on functional separation, as well as everything you need for connections.

The second stage - the creation of architectural plan. The plan includes: explanatory notes, head-up, perspective views and reducing the structure of facades, floor plans and roof structure.

The third stage - the creation of work plan. The program includes: an explanatory journal, structure of facades, walls plan, technical description, plan of colons by floors and etc.

Without the project, the construction is not possible to present a beautiful, comfortable and durable building. The accuracy and precision of design documentation is the basic for high-quality construction. If the project does not comply with the rules, includes lot of mistakes, unlikely meet customer's construction work and the final result, as in this case may not be rational use of building materials and a number of other problems that may arise during construction. «Prof Al» offers an individual approach of any complexity of homes, villas, buildings and etc. The main objective of professional design team of «Prof Al» is a high level of service to all customers, regardless of the volume of the order.
The sequence design of the building:

1. Architectural design
2. Development project
3. Project System Engineering
4. Interior design project

The architectural design is the most important document on the basic of which the client receives a building permit, it is source of information for the design of the client's documentation.

If the customer is hampered in scheduling or in the choice of the exterior, the designers of our company will help you in this matter: discussed and drawn up a technical plan of the building in which they carefully explained the location of windows and doors, height of the floors, the structure of columns and walls, foundations and etc.

After discussing all the necessary tasks and activities for construction, professional team of «Prof Al: Architecture and Design» create technical model of architectural project. During the work the customer receives a 3D model of the building, which displays the final form.