«Irritrol» companyproved their best long-term practice in a variety of application conditions. The company has been around for more than 70 years on the market of irrigation equipment and ensures excellent quality of all its products, from controllers and sprinklers to rain sensors and modular pipeline.«Irritrol» manage to combine affordable price with robust construction, reliability and best performance in the creation of a static line of sprinklers that are not only easy to install and use, but which also saves time and money. «Irritrol» companymore than 40 years sets the standard for quality, reliability and innovation in the sector. Turbines «Irritrol» long known for their reliability, durability and ease of adjustment available on the market today in the extended scheme, which also includes special sprinklers for sports fields. Thus expands the range of user needs the company is able to meet.



The Italian company «Unidelta» was founded in 1973. It started with the production of polyethylene pipes high and low density, cross-linked polyethylene pipes for water, gas, irrigation systems, fire protection systems, drain lines and heating systems. The product range of the company to date except polyethylene pipes includes polypropylene compression fittings, electric fittings, plastic fittings, as well as a number of components and devices for installing.Today, the company «Unidelta» is a leader in the hydro, thermo care industry, it has more than 40 years of experience in the application of the latest technology, which is a guarantee of excellent quality, certified at every stage of the production process (ISO 9001:2000) of each of the products.


Italian company «Graepel» started its history in 1889. The company develops and manufactures modern interior elements. Company is engaged in design and production of modern interior elements, namely «Graepel» offers stainless steel pots in which raw materials of high quality, luxury solutions, high technology is available on the world market for many years vases companies meet all the requirements of sanitation are washable, hygienic. Different styles and modern design products indicate a continuous process of creative search employees. Knowledge of the art of modern architecture and technology, as well as close cooperation made ​​the company famous designers widely popular in the world market.


«VivaiTorsanlorenzo» is one of the leading and well-known agricultural greenhouses and other related products. Office «Torsanlorenzo» is located in Italy. It extends over a total of three hundred and forty nine hectares of production, of these twenty nine are greenhouses space, with a climatic diversification offered by the location of the production zones (central Italy and Sicily). The production is based on an extraordinary variety of products, in terms of species and type of product: Mediterranean and Australian plants, small and big conifers, tropical and subtropical plants, grasses, topiary plants, Bamboos, Camellias and flowering plants, palms and succulents, specimens for interiors and gardens, street and open lands for warm or cold climate. Company export plants to every part of Europe, Asia, Arab countries and South America.


«Nieuwkoop Group» consists of four companies  leaders in their industry, specializing in hydroculture, potted plants, large potted plants and exclusive decorative products. Assortment company «Nieuwkoop Europe» in the main group of Plants different features of the spectrum  hydroculture  and Pots Culture on highly responsive to the needs of the market not only for its breadth and depth, but also the availability of goods. Home Group Accessories is divided into products «Pots for plants», «Materials for decoration», «Tools and Materials» and «Artificial silk plants». «Nieuwkoop Europe» selects and imports products from around the world. Thanks to a well thought out policy for the procurement and production of the main groups of Plants  and Accessories, we are in an optimum position in the market, resulting in the maximum benefit for customers.


Company «VivaiSandroBruschi» offers a wide range of ornamental trees and shrubs grown in containers and outdoors. The company grows products in an area of ​​250 hectares and more than 25 years export it to Europe. In «VivaiSandroBruschi» exceptional selection of coniferous and deciduous trees, bamboo, palms, climbing and creeping plants, fruit and olive trees, roses and Mediterranean plants. The company specializes in duplicate, giving immediate effect  and plants for home and garden with a first-class architectural ideal forming. Also «VivaiSandroBruschi» specializes in high quality topiary plants, ideal for interiors and gardens.


In the 1949 year Franz Wulf founded the «Franz Wulf& Co» plastic goods factory in Greven. But only in 1958 «EmsaPlastik»becomes a registered trademark. For more than 60 years «Emsa»has been committed to leading brand quality with a responsibility for mankind and his environment. Our quality standard does not stop with the product. One of the famous brand of «Emsa» is «Esteras» which produced planters and fountains inspired by nature. The state-of-the-art surfaces are made of a highly modern fibreglass compound. Absolutely authentic and up to 70 percent lighter than classic ceramic.