«Sibu Design» company was founded in 1984 and is a leading manufacturer of high-quality designer panels for interior design. They are designed for interior decoration, furniture, shopping, fashion accessories manufacturing, architectural decisions and trade displays. «Sibu Design» supplies its products to more than 70 countries around the world and ensures a fast and reliable processing of all requests through partners worldwide. Polystyrene panels of «Sibu Design» specially designed for the decoration of walls, ceilings, partitions and exhibition designs, as well as any other elements of the interior. Decorative panels «Sibu Design» alive in precious sparkling mirror surfaces and precious silver, gold and shades of anthracite. The size of the panels to 980x980mm, 2600x1000mm until 2440x1220mm. Plastics production company «Sibu Design» used for interior decoration of rooms, furniture, doors, windows, hardware, as wall panels, ceilings.


«Interdeck» company was founded in 1997. The main activity is the development of postforming. Development of the consumer market the demand for new, more technologically advanced materials have created a situation in which it was necessary to find and offer a completely new material. In 1998 «Interdeck» helds with SAFAS Corporation USA on cooperation and promotion of artificial liquid stone Granicoat. And already in 1999  made a purchase in the amount of 9 Granicoat colors. Liquid artificial stone Granicoat produced and delivered  as the name implies in the liquid state.


History of the company «Hettich» marked outstanding engineering achievements and bright solutions. Creating in 1888 a simple machine , carrying just one function, Karl Hettich mechanized its production anchor escapement for cuckoo clocks. In august 1928, Hettich started production grand piano loops, thereby charting a new course for the production of accessories for furniture.Group companies wholly owned by the family Hettich and in 2007 took over the management of fourth generation family Andreas Hettich. The main advantages of the company are quality control, interest in innovation, close communication with clients and reliability.


«Egger» was founded in 1961 year. The company produces and sells wood products all over the Europe. Group of companies «Egger» with the head company, located in the city of St. Johann in Tyrol, is among the leading companies in the world of wood processing. «Egger» manufactures products at 18 manufacturing plants in seven European countries. The company offers products for the furniture industry, interior decoration, building materials and laminate. The company also offers slabs of «Eurolight» brand - this combination slabs consisting of the strong and durable cover and light weight aggregate of cardboard between the slabs. Despite of its low weight, they have a very high strength and provide a large number of design and construction solutions.