«Pruszynski» companystarted its activity in 1985. Initially the company was engaged only manufacturer of metal accessories. In the late 80`s - early 90`s the company began its rapid development and with the passage of time, the company retrained and started to make roofs and facades. Factories Group «Pruszynski» work in 6 European countries and produce the entire range of products of this segment, namely profiles for roofs and facades, metal roofing, roofing accessories, profiles, type Z, C, L, Ω internal wall cartridges, panels and other metal used in production of exceptionally high quality.



Since 1996,Sweden company«Kami»is a global company with many dealers in the Nordic region and distributors throughout the world. Company management, customer relations and production facilities are located in Kalix, in Norrbotten country. Quality management system has complied with the SS-EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements for manufacturing and sale of sheetmetal tile effect profiles, including fixtures and accessories«Kami»offers lightweight, durable and easy toinstall sheetmetal roofing for small homes, multifamily dwellings and commercial buildings. Roofing that is ideal for both refurbishments and new construction.