American company «Raychem Corporation» was established in 1957 in California. In 1969 «Raychem» acquired «Chemelex», to gain access to its heating technology with constant power «Celotherm». Over the next 20 years «Raychem» continued research in the field of polymers  develop and bring to market new innovative solutions.The company has made a lot of technological breakthroughs, touchscreen, so popular today is an invention made ​​in «Raychem». Many former employees of «Raychem» now occupy posts at the CEO and president of the company in various industries.Self-regulating heating cables from the company «Raychem» used in such famous buildings as the «Eiffel Tower» in Paris (protection system pipes from freezing).



«Gewiss» brand is known as a leading European brand systems and components for low voltage electrical installations. For more than 40 years the company offers its customers the best technology solutions in the field of electrical equipment. Products «Gewiss» includes home electronics and circuit breakers, switchboards and control units, industrial electrical wiring, cable systems.The «Gewiss» Group registered in 1988 on the Milan Stock exchange. «Gewiss» Brand represented in more than 80 countries.Investing in research and development in the construction of industrial and logistical facilities for many years the «Gewiss» company today can offer more than 15 000 names of products. Today «Gewiss» is an international company that is able to offer solutions in the field of building automation systems, distribution and connection of electricity, lighting, combining design, safety and functionality.