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Euroclean Longlife 898 polymer paste

Euroclean Longlife 898 polymer paste is designed for primary care in case of waterproof flooring, as well as lacquered parquet, natural léoleum, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, water dispersion lacquered flooring. With this magic paste, you can also clean and refresh the used and worn surface of the parquet to restore the beautiful look.

Of course, we recommend you use the Euroclean Basic 891 universal cleanser before using the paste for the best result, rinse the laundry 1 to 2 times in advance, then spread the paste. Only 12-24 hours later you will be given a new glaze on your floor.

Euroclean Longlife 898 polymeric paste will become your indispensable assistant, flat, in keeping the office space clean. This will no longer have footprints on the floor. It also suspends coating contamination quickly. Additionally, the elastic layer does not allow the penetration of water to the possible parts of the floor.

Get Euroclean Longlife 898 polymer paste from Prof Al Home.